08/06/2017 3:58 AM AEST | Updated 08/06/2017 12:51 PM AEST

Here's The First Photo Teasing 'Westworld' Season 2


“Westworld” will not just take place in the “West” next season. The first season’s finale revealed the existence of a shogun/samurai-style theme park and co-showrunner Lisa Joy has confirmed that the show will “ultimately encounter other worlds.”

By ending the first season in the potential decimation of the “West”-themed park, along with the hints at moving the focus elsewhere, it hasn’t been entirely clear that the second season would even still take place in the setting that the show’s name implies.

But coming through to address your speculation, actress Evan Rachel Wood ― who plays Dolores Abernathy on “Westworld” ― just shared an enigmatic photo on Instagram that suggested her character will continue to be dressed for the “West.” 

“Corset training has started again,” wrote Wood. “Which can only mean one thing. A certain TV show is starting again very soon.... 👗🐎🌵⌨️🤖👁🏜..”

Let’s go over the definitely real clues about Season 2 we can assume based on this Instagram.

The show isn’t supposed to return before 2018, but Wood’s statement of “very soon” may imply the scheduled return could be early in the year. The “corset training” probably isn’t a quick process, though ― any fitness guru knows you can’t get results overnight.

And we definitely have to note here that there appear to be 11 hook-and-eye closures going up this corset. The number 11 could imply the concept of “doubles,” an idea “Westworld” flirted with as the show introduced robot clones. The number of closures here almost certainly is purposefully revealing that there is at least one more Dolores roaming around. Definitely.

What other clues about Season 2 can you spot in Wood’s Instagram?