09/06/2017 5:31 AM AEST | Updated 09/06/2017 8:58 AM AEST

10 James Comey Quotes That Would Look Great On A T-Shirt

The opening statement and subsequent testimony from former FBI Director James Comey were doozies that included hip, fun phrases like “obstruction of justice,” “Lordy, I hope there are tapes,” and “hookers in Russia.”

Is the government in shambles? Who’s to say?!

At any rate, we watched Comey’s testimony and couldn’t help but think: “Dang, I want that culturally relevant phrase on a shirt.” So, we plucked out the freshest quotes from the whole situation and imagined what they’d look like on a t-shirt. Or slapped on a mug. Or rocked on a tote bag! The options are honestly endless.

Here’s some of what we’re lovin’ right now: 

None of this actually exists, but, man, we wish it did.