13 Things That Are Too Real For People Who Are Always Late

No matter how hard you try to be on time, the universe just makes it physically impossible for you to arrive on schedule.

Yes we have a watch, and an alarm clock, but the struggle continues to be real, and to be honest it’s really not our fault (honest).

Here are 13 things that are way too real if you spend your life being tardy.

1. Waking up 10 minutes early, thinking this gives you an extra hour to get ready.

2. Deciding today is the day to test out that new makeup look.

3. Realising you are now actually meant to have left the house.

4. Being physically unable to speed up because you’re still so far from being ready.

5. Perfecting the pre-emptive ‘sorry I’m late’ text.

6. Arriving everywhere a hot flustered mess.

7. Feeling the eyes of judgement as you arrive.

8. Having everyone think they’re a comedian tapping their wrist.

9. Seeing new friends gradually realise you’re always tardy.

10. Knowing that everyone else is the problem, not you.

11. Thinking that you should just bail next time and see how they like that.

12. Getting past the point of coming up with excuses.

13. Trying to get everyone else to be late as well.