09/06/2017 12:39 PM AEST | Updated 09/06/2017 4:31 PM AEST

Jeremy Corbyn Just Gave The Worst High-Five Of All Time

He tried to laugh it off but it was all caught on camera.

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the UK Labour Party, just gave one of the world's most awkward high-fives -- and that's saying a lot considering Ryan Seacrest once high-fived an American idol contestant who was blind.

The 68-year-old British Opposition leader went to high-five the Shadow Foreign Secretary, Emily Thornberry, but accidentally brushed her breast in what was an awkward exchange that the pair tried to laugh off.

The awkward gaffe came after Thornberry and Corbyn had shared a hug to celebrate Labour's victory over a number of key seats in the British election.

You can almost pin-point the moment Corbyn realises Thornberry's attention has drifted elsewhere -- but it's too late, he's already committed to the high-five.


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