09/06/2017 1:09 PM AEST | Updated 09/06/2017 4:15 PM AEST

The Gloriously Silly U.K. Election Pic The Whole World Is Laughing At

What the freak...

You've got to love the Brits. Apparently they're having a general election today, although as far as the rest of the world can tell, they're actually just having some sort of fancy dress competition.

These pictures defy words.

Despite the jubilation of said "sheriffy guy", we're pretty sure this is the moment incumbent Prime Minister Theresa May is declared the winner of her seat of Maidenhead. Er, we think.

Then again, it may be the moment that every sideshow freak and pantomime actor in Britain lined up on a stage in the hope of getting a selfie with the PM.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn wasn't immune earlier in the evening either.

And you thought Donald Trump had surrounded himself with some odd characters during his election campaign and afterwards.

For the record, you can read all about the people on stage here. The ones you might be most interested in are:

  • Lord Buckethead (Independent), who describes himself as an "intergalactic space lord".
  • Bobby "Elmo" Smith (Independent), who is a 35-year-old heavy goods driver.
  • Howling Laud Hope (The Monster Raving Loony Party), who said "I'm not standing against Theresa May, she's standing against me".

About the only other thing we can add is that this is all sooooo gloriously Monty Pythonesque.

Our final comment would be this: