10 Childish Activities For Everyone Sick Of Being An Adult

Because we all need to take five.

Sometimes adult life can feel overwhelming, especially on days like today, when yet another poll has left Britain divided and uncertain.

Add in work, bills and responsibilities and it’s enough to make anyone run off looking for a field of wheat.

If you’re experiencing adulting apathy, it may be time to reconnect with your inner child.

On Reddit, people have been sharing the things they do that help them to experience the freedom of childhood.

We’ve rounded up 10 of our favourites to help you get through today (and beyond).

1. “Walking from point A to B like a kid - balancing on curbs, avoiding paving stone edges, kicking sticks and pebbles. I’m just a lot more subtle about it than when I was 7. I’m 38.”

- little_carmine_

2. “Swings, I can get on a swing, sit on that tiny seat hanging between two chains and just lose myself in utter bliss swinging back and forth. I adored them as a kid and still do as an adult.”

- PrideandTentacles

3. “I honestly can’t resist bubbles.”

- atomsandgrace04

4. “Climbing trees, or just climbing in general.”

- genredacc

5. “Eating mac and cheese. You get really strange looks when you order off the kids’ menu at restaurants, but mac and cheese is just too delicious to be stopped by the disapproval of others.”

- alienmidfield

6. “Skipping. It makes 53-year-old me feel like a kid again.”

- omnichronos

7. “I’m 25 and still buy myself a Lego star wars set every few months. Fuck everyone, I’m a goddamn big boy and it’s my money. I want the sand crawler and I have the disposable income to buy one. 10-year old me would shit himself if he saw the fleet I have now.”

- itskelso96

8. “I still watch a lot of Spongebob....”

- ablack82

9. “Whenever me and my wife are alone, we get one of our kids video games and just play together like we did back at high school.”

- sh1ttym0rph

10. “Licking that sweet, sweet raw cake mixture out of the bowl.”

- Cripply