09/06/2017 4:45 PM AEST | Updated 09/06/2017 4:51 PM AEST

Isolation And Loneliness: Understanding The Migrant Experience

'In my mind people migrate to upgrade their life. But I'm not happy.'

Mona Ibrahim migrated to Australia in 2012 from Cairo, Egypt. She came with her four-year-old son, having to leave her husband, friends and family behind.

It was an isolating experience, and it's one the filmmaker hopes to express through her work at Cinema of the Oppressed. Mona creates this work so Australians might understand how it feels to come to this country alone. And so other migrants can work through that isolation.

Mona's work is being shown at the Looking At Me Through You exhibition at The Campbelltown Arts Centre until July 23.

You can see more of Mona Ibrahim's work at Cinema Of The Oppressed.