09/06/2017 3:36 PM AEST | Updated 09/06/2017 3:37 PM AEST

WA Cops Fine Speeding Driver For 'Just Being A Dick'

They wrote it as the driver's official explanation on the ticket.

Mundijong Police

Police social media is out of control, really. Police forces across the country have been blowing up your timelines with memes, cute dog pictures, and some admittedly pretty sick burns on law-breaking citizens, from appropriating the biggest social media jokes of our time to publicly shaming people who don't abide by the road rules.

But officers in Western Australia may have outdone all their colleagues thus far, by officially reporting a driver as "just being a dick" on his speeding ticket.

Police from Mundijong, 50 kilometres south of Perth, shared their handiwork on Twitter on Friday. It came from their Traffic Enforcement Group (TEG), who nabbed a driver travelling at 135km/h in a 100 zone on Thursday afternoon.

"We are loving the work TEG team 2 are doing down this way," police said.

If you can't quite make out the writing, here's a close up of the explanation the driver gave as to why they were speeding:

Mundijong Police

Some might give the driver some points for honesty, but it seems the police weren't so lenient. The Holden driver copped an $800 fine for their indiscretion.

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