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These Dogs Don't Know What To Do About Fidget Spinners

Their reactions are just priceless.

The fidget spinner phenomenon is well and truly an established craze.

A fidget spinner is a hand-held toy with three prongs evenly distributed around its circular centre, so it can easily be spun or 'fidgeted' with. The idea behind the toy is stress relief, where playing with the object helps distract from a stressful situation.

What seems ironic however, is that these toys have a directly opposite effect on our doggo pals. It looks as though the brightly-coloured and rapidly-spinning objects cause a mix of reactions varying from wide-eyed stunned gazes to hyper-active barking fits. While it's not clear exactly what causes this shock, it sure is cute to watch.

Some doggos simply freak out.

Others seem confused.

This little guy really owns it.

A few doggos have managed to master balancing the spinners on their heads or noses.

Looks like fidget spinners aren't only for humans after all. Just another great excuse to have fun with your canine companion.


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