14/06/2017 1:04 PM AEST | Updated 14/06/2017 1:05 PM AEST

Nakefit Proves That 2017's Weird Fashion Trends Will Never End

It's an invention that will let you walk outdoors without shoes, but not quite barefoot.

Nakefit has imagined a world that you can run around without worrying about being barefoot, and they want to share it with you.

Do you ever have those days when you're making your way down to the local shops in your $2,000 Gucci goat hair slippers and just think "wow, I'd love to be walking barefoot right now but without being actually barefoot?"

Well, the Italian designers of Nakefit have the solution -- they've developed an adhesive that can stick to the sole of your feet, allowing you to live in a world where you can "run and jump around without worrying about being barefoot -- yes, barefoot!"

The product is described by the company in a promotional video as being "the ultimate way of protecting your feet in every circumstance".

"We invented Nakefit to keep your feet effectively protected and at the same time support all of the amazing things it can already do," the product's website reads.

And all this time you've probably just been relying on those dog-chewed Havaianas you keep stashed away in your car for emergencies -- yep, the ones where the plug is probably going to break any day now but you refuse to buy a new pair.

Well, ditch the "stupid" thongs, because Nakefit is here and it's reportedly slip resistant, waterproof and even allows you to walk on hot sand pain-free.

Ooh stylish.

They're also vegan and barefoot friendly "produced without harming people, animals or the environment".

Nakefit, the brainchild Italian mechanical engineer Sabato Alterio, has already raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter, well exceeding its initial goal of $30,000.