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Parking Cop Reacts To Conscientious Driver's Plea In Best Possible Way

A parking cop in Wisconsin is winning praise for not following the letter of the law.

Parking control officer Jim Hellrood discovered a car parked by an expired meter in downtown Wausau on Thursday morning.

But instead of writing up a ticket, he took pity on the vehicle’s owner and just issued a warning after finding this handwritten note underneath the car’s windshield wiper:

Please take pity on me. I walked home… safe choices,” the note reads.

CBS News reports that Hellrood interpreted the note to mean the person possibly drunk alcohol and thought walking home was the safer option.

“Pity granted, just a warning,” read the citation that Hellrood printed off.

Wausau Police Department shared a photograph of the note and the warning ticket to Facebook on Monday. The post is now going viral, and earning both Hellrood and the unidentified driver plenty of kudos from people online:

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