The 'Paint Brush Stroke' Cake Is the Ultimate Art-Food Fusion

For the artist in all of us.

The art of painting, once reserved for walls and canvases, has now made its way into the kitchen. Pioneered by Russian bakery Kalabasa, the 'paint brush stroke' cake trend has well and truly taken off in the world of desserts. Edgy and angular, the cakes are a multi-coloured mixture of skill and technique, where art meets food.

The technique involves colouring melted chocolate and then painting it out in long, thick strips on a baking tray or other surface. The chocolate is then frozen, leaving bakers with shards of the sweet stuff that can be used to decorate any cake, from cup to multi-tiered. Yes, it's that simple.

This new trend is so simple in fact, that many people have posted their 'paint brush stroke' attempts to Instagram and the results are pretty impressive.

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