17/06/2017 10:08 AM AEST | Updated 17/06/2017 10:08 AM AEST

Whales Get 'Police Escort' While Enjoying Stopover In Victoria

The whales frolicked near water police.

Twitter/Channel 7
Two humpback whales have made a stopover in Victoria.

It's one of the more unusual police escorts.

Two humpback whales have been given an official police escort on their annual migration off Victoria's coastline.

The friendly duo were filmed on Friday frolicking close to a police boat in Port Phillip Bay, near Williamstown.

Channel Nine reported that the huge mammals cruised up beside the police vessel as officers looked on.

The curious animals got so close to the boat that police were forced to cut the engine and wait for the whales to move away.

The pair were also caught spurting water from their blowholes and rolling over on to their underbellies.

Interest in the whales' arrival was so great more than 30,000 peopled reportedly tuned in to a Facebook live video broadcast from the Seven News Melbourne helicopter.

The large whales are thought to be on their way migrating north for the winter.