These Ikea Recipe Sheets Use An Awesome Cooking Hack

It’s hard to tell which company is winning the fight for world domination: Amazon or Ikea?

A Toronto-based advertising agency created Cook This Page recipe sheets for Ikea, and they actually seem like the easiest instructions ever to come out of the Swedish company. All a home chef has to do is put ingredients on their corresponding images stenciled on parchment paper, wrap it all up, and place it in the oven to bake. Really, this is a pretty great cooking tip everyone should know about.

Thankfully, this hack is simpler than that bookshelf you bought.

We can’t give Ikea too much credit here - parchment recipes have been around for a long time and are notoriously easy to make. It’s also a fairly healthy style of cooking because the food is steamed inside the “bag.” And it’s probably the easiest way to make seafood.

The real benefit of these sheets is that they make cooking approachable. Plus, the mess is contained to a parchment paper that can get tossed away quickly.

Cook This Page was a promotional item for the company’s big kitchen sale, so don’t expect them in stores anytime soon.

But rest assured, there are plenty of ways cooking can be easy. Parchment paper and slow cookers are just some of the ways a beginner can get a healthy and homemade meal.