19/06/2017 5:34 AM AEST | Updated 20/06/2017 2:59 AM AEST

The Beyhive Is Furious With Beyonce's Father Over This Tweet

If there’s one fan group you don’t want to cross, it’s the Beyhive. And Mathew Knowles, our queen Beyonce’s father, is learning exactly what it means to be in their crosshairs.  

Unless somehow you’re living on a rock in the middle of a wifi dead zone, you’ve heard that multiple sources confirmed that the “Formation” singer gave birth to her twins. Knowles posted a seemingly sweet tribute to his newest grandchildren, but only managed to shake the Beyhive instead. 

The tweet is pretty harmless on its own, right? Just a cute message from a proud grandfather on Father’s Day.

So what’s got the Beyhive so angry? 

Knowles’ tweet is the first post to come from anyone in the family, including the happy parents themselves. And we all know how much effort Beyoncé puts into these types of announcements. Nothing will be more iconic than the gorgeous Instagram photo where she announced her pregnancy. 

Outraged, the Beyhive did what they do best and stirred a buzz on Twitter. The fans blasted the elder Knowles for stealing his daughters moments, and some questioned his place in the coveted Carter inner circle. 

Many men have come up against the Beyhive and failed. Now it seems like grandfather Knowles is officially on the naughty list.