17/06/2017 1:10 AM AEST | Updated 20/06/2017 12:39 AM AEST

Trevor Noah And 'The Daily Show' Just Took Donald Trump Mockery To The Next Level

Trevor Noah addressed a crowd while standing inside a recreation of the Oval Office with a Russian flag flanking him and an open golden toilet directly behind him.

“Welcome to what I hope will become a place we live to remember for a very long time,” Noah said into a microphone. “The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library.”

Thursday night, “The Daily Show” finally debuted their pop-up library that’s dedicated to Donald Trump’s tweets. In many ways, it’s like a typical presidential library, with immersive exhibits and placards adding context to historical artifacts. In other ways, it is not.

“You can sit on a gold shitter!” “Daily Show” correspondent Jordan Klepper explained to HuffPost at the event.

One could only guess at whether this library would be hilarious, a disaster, or a hilarious disaster earlier this year when “The Daily Show” announced their plan. But it turned out to be arguably the most impressive satire of the current administration to date.

Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee, Seth Meyers and John Oliver are going to have to really consider their next move if they want the elusive Trump mockery crown. Noah and “The Daily Show” crew have vanquished, destroyed, eviscerated, ethered and slammed — insert other destructive verbs here — the president with this ridiculous library.

TIMOTHY A. CLARY via Getty Images
One of the items on display.

This Trump Twitter library is right around the corner from Trump Tower in Manhattan, but somehow neither Klepper nor fellow correspondent Hasan Minhaj have ever been inside the latter.

“How would an American version of Jafar live? That’s probably the inside of Trump Tower, in my mind,” Minhaj guessed to HuffPost about what the president’s former residence is like. Despite never stepping foot in Trump Tower, “The Daily Show” crew certainly hopes the president stops by their pop-up over the weekend. 

The library didn’t appear to have any books, but has plenty of artworks, interactive activities and small Easter eggs to discover. A large television screen features a live update of Trump’s Twitter. If he tweets during the time the library is open this weekend, a “bing bing bong bong, bing bing, bong bong” alarm, as Noah described, will go off.

The stated goal of the library ― besides jokes ― is to put the president’s tweets into a historical context. “I think over time, they will lose context,” said Noah during his speech in front of the golden toilet. “And people will assume that they’re misinterpreting them. They will say, ‘Surely, that was not what the president wrote back in that day, maybe language has changed.’ They will then find ways to distill them and turn them into coherent language, which is partly why we are holding this beautiful Twitter library experience ― because we do not wish for that to take place.”

Noah continued, saying the president was at his “best when experienced in his purest form.”

“That’s what this library is about,” he continued. “We are living in history, people. This is the beginning ... and possibly the end.”

Rob Kim via Getty Images
Jordan Klepper at the Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library.

The library is located at 3 West 57th Street in New York and is open Friday, June 16, through Sunday June 18, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The admission is free.

HuffPost reporter Bill Bradley sat on the golden toilet and asked Noah what he’d say to Trump if he ever slid into his DMs on Twitter. “Well, the obligatory, u up?” Noah responded. “And then #followback.”

Presumably Noah and Klepper and Minhaj won’t be on the premises this weekend, but who knows, maybe Trump will stop by to bask in this monument to his writing. 

“This is real history,” Minhaj said to HuffPost at one point in the night. “We are living through history.”

Below is a transcript of Noah’s entire opening remarks:

Brad Barket via Getty Images

Well, good evening, everybody. And welcome, welcome to what I hope will become a place we live to remember for a very long time. The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library.

You know, at “The Daily Show,” we faced a lot of criticism from people who’ve said we are haters of the President. We are not. We are admirers. We are honest. We are fake news. And he promotes us more than most. And to show our appreciation of that, we decided to tackle an issue that is near and dear to our hearts, and that is the President’s Twitter.

We’ve noticed that there is a concerted effort by many people within the administration ― and from without ― who wish to silence the President’s tweets. Say what you want about Donald Trump, he may not be good at president-ing or leading or geo-politics, but he is a damn fine Twitterer. Probably the best that ever lived.

And so we thought at “The Daily Show” we would take a moment to honor the President of the United States and the King of Twitter with this library.

Now some people would say, “Trevor, why would you have this Twitter library now? Shouldn’t a presidential library be at the end of a president’s term?” Yes, that is true. Unfortunately, we do not know when the term will end. Could be next week, could be never. So we decided to do it now. Tell the ones you love you love them when they’re still around.

And that’s what this Twitter library is about. It’s about giving context to the tweets. Not absorbing them one bite at a time, but rather looking at them as a body of work. Some of the greatest moments, some of the greatest ideas that have ever been shared in 140 characters or less.

We’ve invited you here today to share it with us and I know many of you, fake and mainstream, will strive to paint this as a negative affair, which it was not. I know that the President himself will appreciate this. It’s around the corner from where he once lived. And I hope that everyone who is a fan and lover of Donald Trump ― what he tweets everyday ― will come and enjoy this experience with us.

So thank you very much. It’s an exhibit, as you can see, that contains just a little bit of the mastery, just a little bit of the panache. Everything from birtherism through to deleted tweets that we have not forgotten. And we tried, but we could not. We have some of the survivors of his Twitter feuds.

But most importantly, we have an opportunity for people to take the position of Commander in Tweet and try to respond to a crisis as only the president would. Some people would see this as an insult, but it is not. We thought to ourselves, where do we send most of our tweets from. The president, who is a man of the people, probably shares in that experience.

So welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to “The Daily Show” Presents: Donald J Trump Twitter Presidential Library.

TIMOTHY A. CLARY via Getty Images
TIMOTHY A. CLARY via Getty Images
Brad Barket via Getty Images