20/06/2017 4:29 AM AEST

Kendall Jenner Clearly Doesn't Know How To Wear A Bum Bag

And neither do Rihanna or A$AP Rocky.

By definition, “fanny packs” should go around one’s fanny. 

Merriam Webster’s definition specifically says the trendy item in question is “a pack that straps to the waist and is used for carrying personal articles,” but it appears someone needs to let Kendall Jenner know that.

The supermodel has worn her fanny pack over her shoulder like a crossbody purse, which makes one wonder ― is it STILL a fanny pack? Rihanna and A$AP Rocky wear their fanny packs like that as well, so maybe we’re the ones in the wrong. 

Edward Opi/Splash News
Kendall Jenner wears a modern brown striped suit with white sneakers and her fanny pack while out window shopping at Phillip Lim in NYC. 
Jackson Lee/Splash
Kendall Jenner continues her luxury fanny pack fashion craze by wearing it across her chest when out and about with BFF Hailey Baldwin in New York on June 4. 
Splash News
Kendall Jenner seen leaving the Four Seasons Hotel George V on Feb. 28 in Paris. 
Timur Emek via Getty Images
Kendall Jenner is seen before the Versace fashion show during Milan Fashion Week on Feb. 24 in Milan, Italy.

Perhaps Kendall picked up the new trend from her maybe-boyfriend, rapper A$AP Rocky, who modeled the look in February. 

Christian Vierig via Getty Images
A$AP Rocky wearing a red down feather jacket, Balenciaga bag, orange zip jacket outside Calvin Klein on Feb. 10 in New York City.

Regardless, Rihanna recently started wearing her fanny pack this way, so you KNOW it’s a trend:

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