People Are Sharing Photos Of Their Puppies All Grown Up And It's Delightful

Give us all the doggos.

There’s truly no better transformation than a puppy transformation.

Cute animals are good for you. No, seriously. Adorable things not only make you happy, but studies have shown that looking at photos of cute animals can actually make you more productive and focused at work.

Last week, Twitter user Ally Stone from California brought a little more of that joy into the world when she had the brilliant idea to share a photo of her dog as a puppy and all grown up.

“My friends and I had been joking around about the many fitness transformations we see these days,” Stone told HuffPost. She told her friends she’d prefer to see more dog transformations on her feed, instead. “So I decided that it would be cute to see if any followers had pictures of their dogs growing up or their rescued/sick dogs becoming healthy and loved.”

She encouraged other Twitter users to do the same.

And, lucky for us, they did.

“I think it received such a large reaction because people so genuinely love their pets like family,” Stone added. “There’s nothing you can hate on when it comes to pictures of dogs growing up and dogs being rescued. [With] so many negative news stories and internet hate, something about dogs can make someone’s day.”

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