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How Service Dogs Are Aiding The London Fire Brigade In Grenfell Tower Recovery

Their keen sense of smell can detect flammable material in the debris.

The recovery process after the Grenfell Tower Fire has seen communities (and dogs) come together in solidarity of the victims.

Fifty-eight people have been declared dead and the number is expected to rise. The West London block of apartments was set aflame after a flat caught fire and it spread to the cladding surrounding the building.

London Fire Brigade posted a photo of a special volunteer who assisted in the search operations.

On the dog's paws are boots to protect them from glass shards.

The dogs are used because of their strong sense of smell which can find flammable sources in the debris.

Brave souls.. Firefighters and their Specialist Search Dogs. #StandwithNationalFireBrigade#StandWithOurEmergencyServices

— Alison George (@GeminiCloud9) June 18, 2017

More accurate than technology, these dogs are used in cases against arson according to the London Fire Brigade.

The Brigade tweeted that the use of dogs in their operations were because they are "light and can cover a large area quickly".

Puppies with high energy and excitement to play are picked to become "fire investigation dogs".

After being trained in fire safety, these dogs will work for up to 10 years with the Brigade. They also attend yearly training sessions to test that their skills are up to date.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan and the community have congratulated the firefighters and emergency services for their efforts in the recuperation.


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