19/06/2017 4:27 AM AEST

Twitter Went Nuts Over This Sea Creature That Looks Like A Penis

Alright, some terrifying things lurk in the deep ocean. But as Twitter made clear on Sunday, some pretty hilarious creatures slink down there too.

The International Business Times tweeted an interesting photo to go along with an article on Australian sea creatures that definitely got some attention. As you can see, the sea creature in question has a very phallic shape. 

According to the article, this fine specimen is called a peanut worm and it was found 4,000 meters down in the Australia’s eastern abyss. It gets its name because when the creature feels threatened, it shrinks into a peanut shape. More specifically, these animals “can contract their long head inwards” when approached by a threat. 

And reproduction? Well, they’re both sexual beings and asexual beings, meaning they don’t need a partner to procreate (but where’s the fun in that?). 

Obviously the IBTimes was going for a specific reaction here, and boy oh boy did they get what they were looking for. 

Twitter is reckless.

We anticipate an uptick in people very keen on learning how to deep-sea dive after this. 

(h/t Buzzfeed)