Nicole Kidman's Style Has Come Completely Full Circle

So. Many. Hairstyles.

Nicole Kidman has walked a lot of red carpets in her day. Not only has she been delivering award-worthy performances for decades, but she’s also a mainstay on the music-centric red carpets thanks to husband Keith Urban.

All those appearances mean plenty of opportunity to play dress up. Kidman’s style, which centers on form-fitting dresses, elaborate detailing and a hefty dose of glamour, has pretty much come full circle over the years. Her all-black ’90s vibes even made a return appearance on the red carpet just this month at the CMTs.

But what really marks her style evolution? Her hair. It’s been curly and straight, blonde and red, shorter and long, plain and adorned with funky accessories. Kidman’s locks deserve praise all their own.

In honor of the actress’ 50th birthday on June 20, check out some of her best red carpet moments from over the years: