21/06/2017 9:52 PM AEST | Updated 22/06/2017 3:58 AM AEST

BBC Anchor Sits Calmly In Silence For 4 Minutes As Live Broadcast Implodes

If broadcast journalism awarded a best time-killer award, “BBC News At Ten” anchor Huw Edwards would be its first recipient.

The newsreader sat through a massive technical breakdown on the flagship show on Tuesday, HuffPost UK reported. Breaking news graphics and alert intros repeated over and over for minutes on end, leaving Edwards to try to remain dignified and at the ready.

He folded his hands. He twiddled his thumbs. He reached for what appeared to be a computer mouse. He eventually wrote something down (“Help” perhaps?)

Finally, the BBC got its act together (sort of) and Edwards began the news while adding nonchalantly as you please that there had been “a few technical problems, for which we apologize.”

Here’s the gloriously uncomfortable full footage: 


Correction: A previous version of this story misidentified a computer mouse as a phone.