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Gym Jargon: 11 Terms Decoded For Your Fitness Needs

No matter how many times you go to the gym, the jargon people use can often make you feel lost in conversations with your more experienced pals.

We may be well-acquainted with the terms glutes and quads, but other phrases (like lats, pythons and wings) can be baffling.

To avoid confusion, FitnessFirst have pulled together a handy jargon-busting glossary.

Here are 11 terms you’ve probably heard in the gym, along with a description of what they actually mean. You’re welcome. 

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1. Bis/Pythons

What is it? The muscle on your upper arm between your shoulder and elbow.

What’s the biological term? Biceps brachii.

2. Lats/Wings

What is it? Muscle on the side of your back.

What’s the biological term? Latissimi dorsi.

3. Tris

What is it? Muscle on the back of your arm, between your shoulder and elbow.

What’s the biological term? Triceps brachii.

4. Traps

What is it? Side muscle on your neck.

What’s the biological term? Trapezius.

5. Obliques

What is it? Muscle on each side of the body. The largest and most superficial of the abdominals.

What’s the biological term? External obliques.

6. Boulders

What is it? The shoulder muscles.

What’s the biological term? Anterior, medial and posterior deltoid muscles.

7. Hammies

What is it? Muscle at the back of your thigh.

What’s the biological term? Hamstrings.

8. Glutes

What is it? Three main muscles in your buttocks. 

What’s the biological term? Gluteal muscles.

9. Quads

What is it? Front muscle of your thigh.

What’s the biological term? Quadricep.

10. Pecs

What is it? The thick muscle at the chest of the body.

What’s the biological term? Pectoralis major.

11. Calves 

What is it? The two muscles at the back of the lower leg.

What’s the biological term? Gastrocnemius (larger muscle) and soleus (smaller muscle). 

And if you need a visual reminder of where these parts are, here’s a handy infographic.

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