24/06/2017 4:16 PM AEST | Updated 24/06/2017 4:16 PM AEST

How To Pack A Suitcase The Smart Way

Clever little tricks for more organised luggage.

Off to Europe to escape the Aussie winter? Lucky you.

While packing is probably the last thing on your list before you go, it's pretty important. Those cheap flights within Europe are super strict with baggage allowance so it pays to pack well.

By now everyone knows about the benefit of rolling over folding, but what about the other stuff? Take, for example, your hair straightener. There is nothing worse than quickly getting ready for an early morning flight but having to factor in cool-down time for your hot tong. The problem is solved if you store it in a insulated sleeve (like the one around your thermos, or even a stubbie holder).

Another tip is to make use of smaller bags such as clutches by storing your jewellery inside. Sunglasses cases also work as excellent makeshift small compartments for cuff-links and the like.

For some truly unique packing tips, check out the below infographic. Happy travels!

Infographic by Fairmont


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