21/06/2017 8:53 PM AEST | Updated 21/06/2017 10:21 PM AEST

Queen's Speech 2017: 27 Bills Announced To Tackle Brexit And More

Theresa May has unveiled 27 Bills and draft bills in a Queen’s Speech that focuses heavily on the challenges of Brexit.

The government has denied proposing a thin legislative programme after several measures included in the Tory manifesto were ditched as a result of the prime minister’s disastrous election campaign.

Here are the policy measures, including the eight flagship Brexit bills, that have made it into May’s Queen’s Speech:

Repeal Bill 

This is the headline piece of legislation. It will repeal the European Communities Act 1972 and aims to EU law into UK law after Brexit.

Customs Bill

As a member of the EU, the UK follows EU customs rules. This Bill will create a customs regime for the country after Brexit.

Trade Bill

Similarly, as an EU member state, the UK’s trade negotiations are conducted by Brussels. This Bill will “put in place the framework” to allow Britain to conduct international trade negotiations.

Immigration Bill

Immigration was at the core of the EU referendum debate. And this Bill allows the government to repeal EU free movement law and set its own immigration rules for European Economic Area (EEA) nationals.

Fisheries Bill

This Bill will “enable the UK to exercise responsibility for access to fisheries and management of its waters” outside the EU.

Agriculture Bill

As a member of the EU, British farmers receive payments from Brussels. This Bill, the government says, will “provide stability for farmers as we exit the EU”.

Nuclear Safeguards Bill

Brexit will mean the UK leaving the EU’s nuclear energy agency, Euratom. Powers will be now handed over to the the UK Office for Nuclear Regulation.

International Sanctions Bill

This Bill will return decision-making powers on non-UN sanctions from the EU to the UK. 

Other Bills:

Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill

Space Industry Bill

HS2 2A Bill

Smart Meter Bill

Draft Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill

Draft Tenants’ Fees Bill

Data Protection Bill

Courts Bill

Civil Liability Bill

Armed Forces Bill

National Insurance Contributions Bill

Travel Protection Bill

Financial Guidance and Claims Bill

Good Mortgages Bill

Draft Patient Safety Bill

There are also three Finance Bills which the government says are needed to implement Budget decisions including “a range of tax measures. A further technical Bill is included in the speech which ministers say is needed to ratify several minor EU agreements.