'Heartbroken' Best Man Gatecrashes Couple's Wedding Photos

When your best mate gets married it’s natural to wonder if their new relationship status will change your friendship.

But one best man ensured his mate (and his mate’s new wife) knew he wasn’t going anywhere by gatecrashing their engagement and wedding photos.

The hilarious pictures show a “heartbroken” Mitch muscling in on the action while lovebirds Brittney and Kody pose for photographer Lindsey Berger.

The images have received more than 50,000 likes since Lindsey posted them on her Facebook page on Sunday.

The first image (above) is from the couple’s engagement shoot while the second (below) was taken on their wedding day.

Brittney told Mashable the trio are overwhelmed by the positive response their photos have received.

“Everyone has been tagging us in everything and saying things like, ‘I can’t believe I’m friends with famous people,’” she said.

“All of this really came as a surprise to us as we were really just having some fun and I think we’re all still a little shocked by all the recognition our pictures have received.”

We’d like to wish the happy couple (and Mitch) a very happy future together.