25/06/2017 4:36 PM AEST | Updated 25/06/2017 4:36 PM AEST

How To Make Red Wine Brownies

Combining two superb things in life.

There's nothing like kicking back after a long week and enjoying a glass of wine and some chocolate. So why not combine the two to make rich, decadent, chocolatey red wine brownies?

Yes, boozy desserts are a thing and they're perfect for weekends -- along with sleeping in, brunch and lazing on the couch, of course.

These red wine brownies start the way all brownies should: with melted chocolate. Then comes the wine and sugar, followed by cocoa powder, vanilla and flour.

All that's left to do is bake, let the brownies cool slightly (the hardest part) and enjoy the fudgy goodness. Perhaps with a small glass of wine in tow.

And you only need 35 minutes, from start to finish, to create these spiked brownies.

Check out the video above and follow the full recipe here.


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