22/06/2017 3:57 PM AEST | Updated 22/06/2017 3:59 PM AEST

This New Zealand Soccer Player Really Hated It When A Mexican Opponent Pulled His Shirt

The Kiwis are no strangers to a scrum.

Grigory Dukor / Reuters
That's one way to get things a little heated.

Kiwi All Whites defender Michael Boxall was the subject of an obvious shirt-pulling foul when New Zealand took on Mexico in a group-stage match of the FIFA Confederations Cup in Sochi, Russia on Wednesday.

And what's the best way to retaliate to a guy who pulled your shirt? It seems Boxall thought it was to slide tackle any Mexican player he could. And that's where things got a little tense.

Despite Mexico's captain Diego Reyes being at fault for the foul, it was Hector Herrera who took Boxall's kick and was the first to act by giving him a push in return. It was only then that he was met by a wall of black jerseys as four New Zealand players rushed in to their teammate's aid.

And then the scuffle really kicked off as a flurry of slaps and headbutts were exchanged between both sides.

Oh, and don't forget New Zealand's defender Tommy Smith (he's number 20) who seemed to run from across the pitch, staunch as a rugby player, just to be part of the action.

And if you think the tussle was contained to the pitch, check out this footage of the Mexican head coach Juan Carlos Osorio as he was moved away from the ruckus.

Both Boxall and Reyes, as well as New Zealand midfielder Ryan Thomas, were all given yellow cards for their part in the incident before Mexico went on to win 2-1.