A Fan Painted Mark Zuckerberg's Face On Her Nails, And Here's What Happened Next

Mark Zuckerberg is a famous dude and, as fans do with anyone who is famous, they like to show their appreciation in ... inventive ways.

One particular fan of the Zuck decided to really nail down her love for the Facebook founder. On Thursday, Zuckerberg shared a manicured hand on his Instagram that features the Facebook logo, the 'heart' and 'like' reactions, and, naturally, Zuck's likeness.

Whether he was more enamored or surprised by the gesture isn't known, but he definitely liked it enough to share:

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The image is accompanied by a caption that indicates this is the first time Zuck's seen something like this and the hashtag #fcs2017.

Most likely, this Zuck-adorned hand belongs to someone who showed up at the Facebook Group Summit in Chicago (which is what the #fcs2017 denotes), but it's still unclear whose hand it actually is.

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We just hope whoever those nails belong to gets a whole lotta likes on their Facebook posts. They've earned it.