Lady Gaga's Hiking Gear Is Hilariously Questionable

Lady Gaga deserves a round of applause for this one.

The singer was spotted on a hike with boyfriend Christian Carino in Montauk, New York on Wednesday, according to Splash News. As they emerged from a trail, Carino sported pretty standard hiking gear: a T-shirt, shorts, sneakers and a beverage as an accessory.

Gaga wore a long black skirt and a twisted, ruffled black crop top with a pair of nude high-heeled pumps. Natch.

What. Is. Happening. 
What. Is. Happening. 

We can't help wondering if this photo op was staged. The look is far from her most outrageous, but definitely questionable. It's pretty absurd, even for the fancy pants Hamptons.

Of course, we're not too surprised. This is the woman who once attended an awards show inside of an egg, after all. And, if nothing else, social media's reaction alone is the cure for our confusion.

Check out a few perfect reactions to Gaga's hiking gear below.