26/06/2017 6:37 PM AEST | Updated 26/06/2017 6:37 PM AEST

Beauty Blogger Flawlessly Uses Food And Office Supplies As Makeup

All from the comfort of her work desk.

An innovative vlogger has posted a video which combines food and office supplies to create a professional look you can replicate at your desk.

YouTuber Ms Yeah's video, titled 'DIY Make-up with Food!', is set in an office space where she concocts the makeup next to her unknowing colleagues.

For foundation she uses a simple mixture of cocoa powder, water, flour and oil, followed by powdering her face with a marshmallow dipped in flour.

She creates an entire eyeshadow palette using a similar formula to the foundation, substituting cocoa powder with the dye from Skittles.

With a felt tip pen, she lines her eyes with a dramatic wing, and uses rose petals to create her own perfume.

She even makes her own set of fake eyelashes using a sleeping co-worker's hair -- it's worth a watch.

Since its release on Facebook a week ago, the video has amassed 24 million views and 80,000 comments.

This is one of many of Ms Yeah's quirky tutorials -- other uploads have her making ice cream using a fire extinguisher and frying fish at her desk.