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8 Delicious Desserts With Hidden Vegetables

Don't worry, there's still lots of chocolate.

Now, many will argue that vegetables have no place in dessert. But, using that logic, there wouldn't be pumpkin pie or carrot cake, so listen up.

Dessert with hidden veggies works incredibly well, provided you use the right vegetables. In other words, leave brussels sprouts and broccoli for dinner.

Stick to veggies like zucchini, mashed sweet potato, beetroot and legumes, which work wonders by imparting their moist and fudgy texture to baked goods. Think chocolate zucchini bread, carrot muffins, pumpkin chocolate chip bread, and sweet potato peanut butter brownies.

Not convinced? Give these eight desserts with hidden vegetables a go. They're perfect for fussy eaters -- just don't tell them, shhh.

1. Chocolate zucchini bread

This fudgy, rich chocolate zucchini bread contains a double dose of chocolate (the best kind), with lots of texture thanks to chocolate chips and pecans.

2. Healthy carrot muffins

This healthy muffin recipe tastes just like carrot cake, with the added sweetness and moisture of apples and bananas. They're fluffy, satisfying and golden brown, as well as gluten free and vegan.

3. Sweet potato peanut butter swirl brownies

These simple, fudgy brownies only require a handful of ingredients, with the creamy cooked sweet potato adding a natural sweetness and the peanut butter adding a delicious nutty flavour.

4. Healthy pumpkin chocolate chip bread

This pumpkin chocolate chip bread is soft, rich and fudgy thanks to homemade pumpkin puree and choc chips. Another bonus: this hearty loaf is also refined sugar free, vegan and gluten free.

5. Healthy chickpea blondies

If you haven't heard of blondies before, they're like brownies, only without the chocolate. Geddit? This healthy version uses chickpeas (stay with us) but no one will guess -- they're just fudgy, dense and rich, and packed with chocolate and nut butter.

6. Triple chocolate zucchini muffins

If this recipe didn't have 'zucchini' in the title, you wouldn't know it contains hidden veg, making it perfect for super fussy eaters. These triple chocolate muffins are extremely soft, tender and moist all thanks to zucchini.

7. Spelt, zucchini and lemon cake

Need something for afternoon tea? Try this spelt zucchini and lemon cake, a beautiful, moist, dairy free cake with a zesty glaze. And a perfect way to sneak in zucchini.

8. Gluten free black bean brownies

Black beans? In brownies? Yep, and it's surprisingly good (and unnoticeable). Thanks to their texture, black beans impart fudginess, and when cooked, the brownies become slightly crispy on the outside yet still moist in the middle.

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