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11-Year-Old Writes Her Parents 6-Page Report On Why She Should Get A Cat

An 11-year-old went all out to convince her parents they should get a cat by penning a six-page report on the benefits.

Romesa, from Texas, USA, and her older sister Rimsha, have always wanted to have a furry friend, so they decided to find new tactics of persuasion.

Romesa spent an hour typing up the report on why she wanted a cat, including the benefits of having a family pet.

Her older sister shared a photo of the report on Twitter on 21 June, writing: “My 11-year-old sister just typed a six-page report on why we should adopt a cat loooool.”

The report starts off with Romesa writing her reasons for wanting a cat.

“I think cats are adorable,” she wrote. “They can cheer you up when you are sad and become your best friend.

“Having a cat to play with will make me feel less lonely. It will also help me get off electronics because I have a friend to play with.

“I would do anything for it.”

Romesa didn’t stop there.

She went on to list the benefits of having a cat, including why they are good for children (“Children who own pets may have higher self esteem”) as well as cats being able to warn others about seizures.

And then she tugged on her parents’ heartstrings by explaining that so many of these animals die every day because they are homeless, abused or neglected.

She wrote: “Cats need us. They are dying. What is better than saving a life? They need us and I need a cat and it would change my life forever.

“I hope this convinces you to adopt a cat in need of a loving family and home.”

The tweets had more than 3,000 likes and people were impressed with Romesa’s dedication (as are we).

HuffPost UK has contacted Romesa’s sister to see if there’s any update on the family getting a cat.

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