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Athlete Runs Race 5-Months Pregnant, And It Wasn't Even The First Time

If you haven't seen the pictures of Alysia Montaño running an 800m while five months pregnant with her second born child, you must not be on social media. And that's OK -- that's why you have us.

With her iconic flowered hair, the 2012 Olympian and seven-time U.S. champion wowed the social media world when pictures of her running the race circulated this weekend.

But it's not the first time she showed us how it's done.

In 2014, Montaño ran the 800m while eight months pregnant with her first born Linnéa, a healthy little girl. While many people were super excited for her, many seemed to be concerned about the health of the baby and the safety of running while pregnant.

The first time people also worried about the child's safety, and Montaño said on Instagram there was a stigma around pregnant women exercising. She posted a picture of something she said back then and which she wished to repeat.

"I know there is a lot of stigma and really, the word is ignorance behind pregnant women exercising. And the truth is it's good for the mom and the baby," the athlete said.

Fitness expert Holly Perkins also posted a picture of the athlete, and explained in the post it was healthy for Montaño to run while pregnant. She said it was only important for women to consult with their doctors to make sure what is healthy for individual. Montaño reposted the image for her own followers too.

We would just like to put it on record that we are in awe of Montaño and her fitness goals. Oh and if you don't know about the flower in her hair, it's also a symbol of strength. On her website, she explains that she started wearing it as a young girl. As one of seven children, Montaño is the only girl and that's where she got her fighting spirit.

"The flower to me means strength with femininity," Montaño said after winning the 800m at the U.S. Olympic Trials.

"I think that a lot of people say things like 'you run like a girl'. That doesn't mean you have to run soft or you have to run dainty. It means that you're strong."

Yes! We are strong.

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