29/06/2017 12:12 AM AEST

Very Good Dog Brings Water To Umpire During Baseball Game

Minor league baseball players in Fort Wayne, Indiana, were upstaged by a gorgeous golden retriever at a recent game.

The pooch, named Jake the Diamond Dog, was filmed bringing a basket of water bottles to an umpire during the Fort Wayne TinCaps’ 5-1 win over the South Bend Cubs at Parkview Field on Monday.

In the footage, Jake patiently waited for the umpire to finish his drink before he picked up the basket and professionally walked off the field.

ABC sports anchor Zach Groth shared the clip to Twitter. It’s since gone viral:

According to his official Facebook page, Jake is the “best darn dog in professional baseball” and a regular attendee at games across the country.

He is also trained in delivering the game ball to the pitcher, taking towels to the umpires and shagging foul balls.

He has lived a life of touring North America in the luxury of his own custom truck and many nice hotels,” his trainer, Jeff Marchal, told People.com. “When he gets to the ballparks he’s met with adoration and affection by all ages.”