28/06/2017 7:49 PM AEST

Han Solo Film Director Assures Fans He Didn't Leave It On Bad Terms

After stepping down as co-director of the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ spin-off centred around Han Solo, Chris Miller has assured fans that he left the project on good times.

Last week, it was confirmed that Chris and fellow director Phil Lord would not be continuing their work on the forthcoming project over “creative differences” with the rest of the team, prompting much speculation about the nature of their exit.

However, in a short-but-sweet comment on his Twitter account, Chris has put fans’ minds at rest that he and Phil did not leave the Han Solo solo (geddit?) film on bad terms.

Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images
Harrison Ford as Han Solo

Quoting Harrison Ford’s character, Chris tweeted on Tuesday night (27 June): “Situation normal.”

Chris and Phil’s exit has led the way for Ron Howard, who has helmed ‘The Da Vinci Code’, ‘Frost/Nixon’ and the documentary ‘The Beatles: Eight Days A Week’ in recent years, to step up as their replacement.

His appointment came amid rumours that Lucasfilms bosses have hired an acting coach, with hopes to improve leading man Alden Ehrenreich’s performance.

The cast of the Han Solo film

The Hollywood Reporter wrote: “Not entirely satisfied with the performance that the directors were eliciting from ‘Rules Don’t Apply’ star Alden Ehrenreich, Lucasfilm decided to bring in an acting coach.

“Hiring a coach is not unusual; hiring one that late in production is.”

The Han Solo spin-off is one of a number of new additions to the ‘Star Wars’ universe that have been announced since Disney bought the sci-fi franchise, including origin story ‘Rogue One’ and three new sequels, the second of which is due for cinematic release later this year.