28/06/2017 3:35 PM AEST | Updated 29/06/2017 9:26 AM AEST

What's New On Netflix, Stan And Prime Video For July 2017

'The Goonies', 'Friends from College', 'Preacher' and the return of 'Younger'... it's all here.


The year is speeding past us and the hardest thing to keep up with is all the new TV coming out.

While the list below outlines highlights of what full seasons, shows and movies are being added to Netflix, Stan and Prime Video there are some shows being added week-by-week you might also like to check out. Netflix's 'Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments' continues the second half of the second season from July 11, and 'Shooter' starring Ryan Phillipe returns for season two on July 19.

Over on Stan some great shows return with 'Preacher', 'Younger' and 'Power' all back on the last week of June, with new episodes hitting the service weekly, straight after their US broadcast. Similarly 'Twin Peak's and 'I'm Dying Up Here' continue their run into July.

But it's not all weekly, if you're after a binge the third season of 'Broad City', the first season of 'Catfish', and a few new shows on Netflix like 'Castlevania', 'Ozark' and 'Friends from College'.

It's the perfect excuse to enjoy winter how you're supposed to: curled up on the couch under a blanket.

Check out the following highlights from the three platforms, bold titles will be arriving on Stan, italicised on Amazon Prime Video, and plain on Netflix.

July 1

  • 'Offspring' Season 6
  • 'Hot Tub Time Machine'
  • 'Friends with Benefits'
  • 'Dance Academy' Seasons 1 and 2
  • 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose'
  • 'Hancock'
  • 'Suddenly 30'
  • 'Johnny Bravo' Season 1
  • 'Ready Steady Wiggle!' Season 2

July 2

  • 'Snowden'
  • 'Where the Wild Things Are'

July 3

  • 'Catfish' Season 1
  • 'The Handmaid's Tale' (1990)
  • 'Ace Ventura: Pet Detective'
  • 'Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls'

July 4

  • 'The Standups' Season 1

July 5

  • 'The Woman in Black'

July 7

  • 'Castlevania' Season 1
  • 'Dawn of the Croods' Season 4
  • 'Burn After Reading'
  • 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth'
  • 'Becoming Jane'

July 8

  • 'Paddington'
  • 'Degrassi Next Class' Season 4

July 9

  • 'Robin Hood Prince of Thieves'

July 10

  • 'Swimfan'

July 13

  • 'The Road'

July 14

  • 'Friends From College' Season 1
  • 'To the Bone'
  • 'Chasing Coral'
  • 'Suits' Season 6 Eps 1-10
  • 'Disturbia'
  • 'Bring It On: In It To Win It'
  • 'Ocean's Eleven'
  • 'Ocean's Twelve'
  • 'Ocean's Thirteen'

July 15

  • 'The Goonies'
  • 'Last of the Mohicans'

July 16

  • 'The Shawshank Redemption'
  • 'The Blind Side'

July 18

  • 'Aditi Mittal: Things They Wouldn't Let Me Say'
  • 'Ari Shaffir: Double Negative' Collection

July 19

  • 'The Princess Diaries'
  • 'Broad City' Season 3
  • 'Party Monster'

July 21

  • 'Ozark' Season 1
  • 'Last Chance U' Season 2
  • 'The Worst Witch' Season 1
  • 'Only God Forgives'

July 22

  • 'Black Hawk Down'

July 23

  • 'Exorcist: The Beginning'

July 25

  • 'Joe Mande's Award-Winning Comedy Special'

July 26

  • 'The White Princess' All episodes (miniseries)

July 27

  • 'Crime and Punishment' (2002)

July 28

  • 'The Incredible Jessica James'
  • 'Daughters of Destiny' Season 1
  • 'The Adventures of Puss in Boots' Season 5
  • 'Fargo' Season 3
  • 'Terminator Genisys'
  • 'The Untouchables'
  • 'Magic Mike'
  • 'The Last Tycoon'

July 30

  • 'America's Sweethearts'

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