Woman Proposes To Her Ex-Husband On Live TV, Has Everyone In Tears

Love never dies.

You might need to get the tissues ready for this one.

In presenting one of her usual 'Good News' segments, 'The Project' host Carrie Bickmore gave a shout out "to an awesome couple" who were sitting in the show's live audience.

"Candice and Sonny have been married and divorced but they are still the best of friends. They even started dating again and earlier this year they bought a house together, proving that true love never dies," she said.

A video message featuring Candice was then played live with a message she had pre-recorded for Sonny -- and this is where things got a little emotional.

"Hi, Sonny. I know you are in the audience, I love you and I would like to ask you to marry me and be my soul mate until the end of time?" Candice said.

While it seemed Sonny was a little taken back with the sudden message, the answer was a yes and that was enough to leave both Candice and him, as well as most of 'The Project's panel members in tears.

"That was a total shock. Wow," was all that Sonny could say after the big moment.

In response, Bickmore had kind words for the, now engaged (for a second time), couple: "All the best, we hope you have a long and happy life together."

As do we all, Candice and Sonny.