01/07/2017 8:54 AM AEST | Updated 01/07/2017 8:54 AM AEST

Samuel Johnson Urges Sister Connie To 'Stand Tall' In Cancer Fight

The actor has penned an emotional Facebook post.

Twitter/Channel 9
Samuel Johnson is supporting his sister Connie in her cancer battle.

Actor Samuel Johnson has posted an emotional tribute to his sister Connie after her last "village hurrah" this week.

After starring in the miniseries "Molly", Samuel made a shock retirement from showbiz to focus on Connie and the Love Your Sister campaign as his older sibling battles breast cancer. His vow was that he would not return to acting until the charity had raised $10 million for cancer research.

Since then, Samuel embarked on a year-long trip across the country on a unicycle. In doing so, Samuel broke a world record and managed to raise $1.75 million.

In April this year, Connie, 37, decided to stop all cancer treatment and chemotherapy.

On Friday, the Logie-winner took to Facebook in a candid expression of love for his big sister.

"I had to wheel her offstage and into the wings, for the last time, and as soon as we were out of sight, we both buckled. The cancer buckled her. I don't know what the fuck got me, but I crumpled something shocking," he wrote on Facebook.

"The weight of everything since Connie's diagnosis just came down at once. All of it. All our time and all our spare time. All our industry. All our fuck-ups and all the lessons. All the love thrown around."

"Chin up please, amidst the growing dark my girl. Shoulders back. Stand tall through that savage march, stand big and tall, dear sister, for you have lived a life to be proud of."