01/07/2017 7:10 PM AEST | Updated 01/07/2017 8:01 PM AEST

Sonny Bill Sees Red As Lions Take The Victory

The receiver of his shoulder charge probably isn't seeing too well either.

Anthony Phelps / Reuters
That's not a colour we want to see.

What a night.

All Black's Sonny Bill Williams has not only received a red card following a shoulder charge during the first half of the Lions and All Blacks Test match, he is also the first All Black to see red for more than 50 years.

Williams' shoulder came into forceful contact with Lions winger Anthony Watson during the 25th minute of the match in Wellington, forcing New Zealand down to a 14 man side for the first time since 1967.


As it turns out, they really could have used a full team.

Williams' red card is not the only record breaking moment from tonight's match. The All Blacks have lost in Wellington for the first time in 14 years.

While Watson had no choice but to cop a shoulder-face clash, he returned to the field after an eight minute head injury assessment break.

Phew. No concussions or broken necks tonight for the Lions. Just a three point win against the team on home turf.


ny Bill Sees Red