11 Unfortunate Doggy Haircuts That Will Make You Giggle Endlessly

It’s summer, and even dogs are prepping for the warm weather ahead. A seasonal trim is a rite of passage for many pooches, but some of these subjects don’t look too thrilled about their new ’dos.

Twitter recently rounded up some of the most LOL-worthy and disastrous doggy haircuts from summer months and beyond. It’s worth noting that while shorter may look cuter, it’s not always advisable: You should stick with trimming your pet and never shave fur down to the skin, according to the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Fur acts as insulation to keep your dog cool in the heat, and removing too much could make him or her susceptible to sunburn and skin cancer. It’s best to leave haircuts to the pros.

But clipped or trimmed fur is fine, especially if you and your dog live in a hot region, Kamran Nassi, a veterinarian at Beverly Robertson Veterinary Clinic, told HuffPost. He approves of the cuts collected below, though many of their recipients appear ready to disagree.