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If You Are What You Eat, What Does That Make Donald Trump?

When you enter the Oval Office as president, what you eat is often put on display to the public. As the leader of our nation and a role model for some, it’s only natural to want to know all the mundane details. Unfortunately, the presidents of our pasts have not always had the best eating habits.

Bill Clinton was known for his love of cheeseburgers. (Though he has since gone on a healthier route and adopted a mostly-vegan diet ― his doctor recently advised he eat salmon once a week.) George W. Bush was famous for his love of cheeseburger pizza, as well as peanut butter and potato chips.

We had a breath of fresh air with Barack Obama, who was a healthy eater. Not only did he like to snack on almonds, but he also kept a bowl of apples close by when working at the White House. (He was also a fan of cheeseburgers, broccoli and trendy restaurants.) We can only imagine that Michelle Obama, who is a big proponent of healthy eating ― she had a garden put in at the White House and was invested in making kids’ school lunches healthier ― had a positive influence here.

The Obama years made it feel like there was a shift in the way our nation was eating by the example they set forth. But then Donald Trump moved in, and it became clear all over again that healthy eating still has a long way to go.

Take a look at Trump’s favorite foods and see for yourself.

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