03/07/2017 10:37 AM AEST | Updated 03/07/2017 1:40 PM AEST

Katy Perry Pre-Recorded TV Appearances Sparking Fears She May Be A Time Travelling Witch

Putting the "lie" in "live".

Katy Perry has done the unthinkable by pre-recording several appearances on Australian television during her whirlwind stop in Sydney last week. This has since caused serious confusion and potentially sparked rumours that Perry is in fact a deceitful warlock capable of manipulating time itself.

Arriving on the evening of the 28th of June, Perry did multiple press appearances promoting her latest album 'Witness', as well as announcing the Australian leg of her worldwide tour next year. Perry performed on the finale of 'The Voice' on Sunday night and filmed an appearance for Monday morning's 'Sunrise' before jetting off again.

Except Perry left on Sunday night. Australia, we've been lied to!

Perry's four-day trip, jam-packed with appearances, has left the nation scratching their heads. How could Perry appear on both 'The Voice' "live" AND head to the airport?!

Once the news had broken that Perry had left the country before 'The Voice' had finished airing, it made things a bit awkward for 'Sunrise' who had advertised Perry as a panelist on their Monday morning show. Apparently Perry, with her limited time in the country, had the audacity to film her segments of the morning show on Saturday. It's almost as if the magic of television means you can film things ahead and broadcast them at a later date out of convenience.

And look, Channel 7 never actually claimed Perry would be appearing on the show live, they simply asked viewers to tune in live. A spokesperson for Seven actually confirmed that fans were told ahead of time that Perry would be filming her segments on Saturday.

Despite Perry flying out of the country on Sunday night (possibly on a broomstick???), it's impossible to know if she'll continue to appear on local programs.

Nice try Perry, but we're onto your dark sorcery.

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