These Are The Perks Of Being Single, According To The Internet

Romcoms may have you believe that being in a relationship is the be all and end all, but in reality, being single can be pretty damn great.

On Reddit, happily single people have been sharing the benefits of flying solo.

From the empowering feeling of self-sufficiency to the sheer joy of never having to fight over a duvet, here’s what they had to say.

“When you want to go somewhere, you don’t have to tell anyone where you’re going, you just go.”

- PilotTheCannibal

“Life can be as cheap as I want it to be.”

- menace64

“As someone who has been single their entire life, I appreciate how my single friends have a lot more time to hang out and talk than my friends in relationships. So deeper platonic friendships, I guess.”

- perfectionistwombat

“I watch what I want to watch on TV. No goddamn ‘Pretty Little Liars’ for me anymore.”

- Gamby227

“The sweet beautiful silence of being able to shut up and veg out whenever you want without being rude. Not having to have a conversation every hour of the day to discuss (1) your day at work, (2) their day at work, (3) plans for this weekend, (4) plans for next weekend and (5) who was rude to who on Facebook this week.”

- Acminvan

“As a man I’d say controlling the air conditioner temperature, women hijack that shit and set it at like 80 degrees.”

- SkeetSkeetUlrich1

“As a single woman I think I’m more resilient and self-sufficient, which is something I’m proud of. Most of my friends are married and their whole lives are about ‘we’. Everything is done with their husbands, every decision is made with their husbands. I depend only on myself to get things done.”

- clumsyc

“So glad I can still fart whenever.”

- RedBarnBurnBlue

“Sometimes, after a long day at work, you just want to relax at home, keep your own company, and not be around other people. If you’re in a relationship, you don’t necessarily get that chance.”

- PvtSherlockObvious

“Not having to share pizza.”

- booman49

“Not having to buy expensive Christmas gifts. More money for more cats.” - IronMermaiden

“I like to sing or rap, loudly, when I’m cleaning around my place. I’m not good at singing or rapping. But it’s fun. Best enjoyed solo.”

- HempBlonde

“All the covers are yours.”

- heretolearn25

“Put something down in your house. Return to that something three days later and it’s still there, right where you left it. Always.”

- whitepawn23