03/07/2017 10:26 AM AEST | Updated 03/07/2017 10:26 AM AEST

These Cats Have Better Nails Than You

Inspiration for all the cat lovers out there.

If you're feeling bad about your chipped nail polish, then these pictures aren't for you. Pet owners are now matching their manicures with their pets' nails, and posting the results online.

The person who started this trend is 19 year old Californian Cristi Hanzel who matched her manicure with cat nail caps purchased from Target, according to Buzzfeed News.

Turns out nail caps are quite a lucrative business, with ebay selling hundreds of coloured manicure sets.

Nail caps are a non-toxic alternative to nail polish, and are meant to be stuck onto the animal's claws, according to nail cap seller 'Soft Paws'.

The nail caps last for more than a month, and both the nail and glue are safe to digest if they are swallowed.

If you don't have a cat to try these on, there are always alternatives.