05/07/2017 9:36 PM AEST | Updated 06/07/2017 12:10 PM AEST

Police Probe Alleged Assault Which Saw AFL Executive Ali Fahour Banned For Life

Police have interviewed the alleged victim, Dale Saddington.

Victoria Police are investigating former AFL staffer and club player Ali Fahour for allegedly striking an opposition player in a suburban game on Saturday.

A Northern Football League (NFL) player, Fahour has been banned for life from playing or officiating in any Aussie Rules football matches and has stood down from his position as the AFL's Diversity Manager.

The Age reports Fahour could face assault charges after the alleged assault, which left one player unconscious.

At a Tribunal hearing on Wednesday night, Fahour was given a 14-week suspension for allegedly punching Whittlesea player Dale Saddington unconscious -- which means he has now accumulated more than the 16 matches-worth of suspensions needed for him to be deregistered from the game and banned from any league, including the AFL.

Fahour allegedly unleashed the unprovoked attack on Saddington in a scuffle while playing for West Preston-Lakeside on Saturday.

He was the manager of multicultural and Indigenous partnerships and programs at the AFL prior to the Tribunal hearing on Wednesday.

At that hearing, NFL chief executive Peter McDougall said the punishment was representative of the NFL's desire to act tough on violence in the sport.

"The Northern Football League does not condone any acts of violence on or off the field," he said.

An emotional and apologetic Fahour fronted media on Monday, saying that he would plead guilty to the Tribunal for his actions over the weekend.

"I'm deeply ashamed of my actions. There is no explanation or excuse," Fahour said.

"I'll face the tribunal on Wednesday and plead guilty and make a formal apology to the Northern Football League, Dale Saddington, the Whittlesea Football Club and my teammates. I'll fully accept the outcomes of the tribunal."

The decision comes just days after Richmond Tigers star Bachar Houli had his initial punishment for striking another AFL player of two weeks upgraded to four by the League's appeals board -- despite character references from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, TV presenter Waleed Aly and Fahour himself.

UPDATE: This story has been updating to include details of the criminal investigation.


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