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The Naughtiest Penguin In New Zealand Named And Shamed

Pushing and stealing are just not acceptable.

Remember the days of primary school with golden stars and timeouts? There were always sweet and sugary rewards for the good kids and dreaded detentions for the misbehaving ones.

The National Aquarium of New Zealand has proven that these basic laws of discipline are not reserved for children, when they named their naughtiest and best behaved penguin for last month.

So, let's talk about Timmy, June's naughtiest penguin. Not only was he called out publically for his fish-stealing habits, but he has also been reprimanded for pushing other penguins out of his way and flicking up sand in the process. Oh Timmy!

Little Tim however, does have quite a sad backstory. He was found on a beach in Hawke's Bay unable to walk and therefore, was taken to the aquarium for treatment. He has regular visits from his chiropractor and now he is able to walk again. The aquarium says on its Facebook page that Timmy can be a wobbly little walker at times, but that doesn't seem to have stopped him from pushing other penguins.

On the other side of the spectrum is Betty, the best behaved penguin for June. Praised for her good swimming and patience when feeding time comes around, she gets to gloat in the glory of being the best last month had to offer.

No word yet on Timmy's punishment or Betty's reward, but odds are tasty sweets and a week on detention respectively, just won't cut it.


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