06/07/2017 12:10 PM AEST | Updated 06/07/2017 12:10 PM AEST

The Stars Of 'McLeod's Daughters' Are Hinting At The Show's Return

What does this all mean?!

Channel Nine

Ah 'McLeod's Daughters', the iconic Aussie series that brought the drama of soap operas and merged it with the joy of farm living. There's been a farm-shaped hole in our hearts ever since it went off the air... until now.

On Thursday two stars of the show, Simmone MacKinnon and Michala Banas, both posted the same image to their Instagram and Twitter accounts with the same message: "Watch this space..."

Watch this space...

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The image isn't an official release from a studio or production company, in fact it's fan art (check the watermark in the bottom corner) that's one of the top results when you Google "McLeod's Daughters secret".

The series was a smash-hit when it first aired, but its eighth and final season fell short in the ratings and was never able to find the number it needed. Channel Nine pulled the series from its schedule after just a few episodes, airing them as doubles until the finale in 2009.

At this stage there isn't a lot of information about what Banas and MacKinnon are hinting at. Is it a reunion? Are they just planning a party? Are we finally going to get some justice for Claire?

Whatever it is, our thirst for Millennial nostalgia is unquenchable and we're so here for it.

HuffPost Australia has reached out to both Channel Nine and Endemol Shine for more information.

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