06/07/2017 11:14 AM AEST | Updated 07/07/2017 6:18 AM AEST

This Aussie Is Favourite To Be The World Rubik's Cube Champion

These nimble fingers are something to behold.

There's not a lot that can be done in five seconds. You could dial a phone number, cross a narrow street or login to your computer.

In that time, 20-year-old Feliks Zemdegs can solve a Rubik's Cube. In fact, he is the record-holder for the fastest single-solve, taking him an outrageously speedy 4.73 seconds. The Melburnian is also the Rubik's Cube World Champion and will soon return to the competition to defend his title.

This year marks the ninth annualRubik's Cube World Championship and Zemdegs is the favourite to take out the title for the third year running.

The championship will be held in Paris on the 13th-16th of July and will involve more than 1,000 competitors from 67 countries.

If this isn't grand enough, cube inventor Ernő Rubik will be attending the event. The Hungarian professor invented the toy back in 1974 with the aim of getting his students to think creatively and spatially. Since the cube was launched internationally, more than 400 million have been sold.

Singer Justin Bieber has proven handy with a Rubik's Cube, which he can solve the cube in less than two minutes. Here's him showing off his talent during a Carpool Karaoke episode in 2015.

While Justin's two minutes is pretty impressive, Zemdegs' average solve time is 5.97 seconds, making him 20 times faster.

Against the competition, Zemdegs is 0.42 seconds faster than second-placed contestant Max Park from the U.S. With that advantage, our boy's got it.


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