06/07/2017 7:27 PM AEST | Updated 06/07/2017 8:03 PM AEST

Dad Creates DIY Disneyland Simulator Experience For Daughter

A dad who couldn’t afford to take his daughter to Disneyland did the next best thing - and we want in.

Reddit user autumnx shared a clip of the DIY Disneyland he created for his daughter, including a plastic blue box and a first person rollercoaster video.

To give his little one a realistic experience, he sat her in the box and moved it on the angles of the rollercoaster for a simulator experience.

By the look on the little girl’s face, she absolutely loved it (and we think we would, too).

One commenter hilariously summed up the experience writing: “The only risk you run is the ‘again!’ that comes immediately after it.”

So true. 

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